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Shing Tak Centre School


The School was established in 1970 in Shing Tak Street and renamed to SBC Shing Tak Centre School in 1974. The school was moved to the current site in Kwun Tong in 2005. The school has a maximum capacity of 150, and has classes for children studying in primary and secondary level.

Shing Tak Centre School is one of the seven schools in Hong Kong that is designated as school for social development (SSD). The school is designated for students with study difficulties, hyperactive, emotional and behavioral problems. Tailor-made curriculum, individual counseling and personal socialization curriculum help these boys to recapture education and strengthen their foundation for the reunion to mainstream schools.

Service Objectives

In order to make the children be better prepared for the future, the school is aimed to provide all around residential services, and afterschool care program. The school will also adjust the curriculum of individual children, according to their needs.

Service Targets

The school is providing services to children aged 9 to 18.

Service Content

  • Primary School Courses (for P5 to P6)
    Chinese, English, Mathematics, Putonghua, General Studies, Computer, Personal and Social Education*, Visual Arts, Physical Education, and Music.
  • Junior Secondary School Courses (for S1 to S3)
    Chinese, English, Mathematics, Putonghua, Liberal Studies, Computer, Life-Wide Learning, Visual Arts, Hair Styling, Integrated Science, Home Economics, Physical Education, and Music.
  • Senior Secondary School Courses (for S4 to S6)
    Chinese, English, Mathematics, Putonghua, Integrated Humanities, Computer and Information Technologies, Career and Life Planning, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts#, Hair Styling#, and Applied Learning#.

*Teacher will design school courses according the students’ needs.

#Selected Courses


159 placements

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Shing Tak Centre School