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Shing Tak Centre


The pervious premises of the Centre was built in 1963 and was named Boys’ Centre. It was renamed Shing Tak Centre in 1974. As the service environment & facilities are substandard, reprovisioning project was started on March, 2004 and finished on July, 2005. The Centre was moved to the present site on September, 2005.

The total capacity is 108 boys with 100 residential placements and 8 placements for after school care program.
The Centre provides 24 hours residential care services. Program includes life skills training, 5-S training, discipline training, special talent development program, volunteers group, sports activities and interest groups.

Service Objectives

      1. To enhance service users’ ability to manage their emotions effectively.
      2. To reduce service users’ behavior problem.
      3. To train up service users’ life skills.
      4. To strengthen service users’ self-esteem.
      5. To construct personal positive value.
      6. To strengthen their desirable relationship with parents.
      7. To improve their parents’ parenting skills

Targets and Admission Criterion

      1. Boys aged 10 to 18, educational level from Primary 5 to Secondary 3.
      2. Boys who have behavioral and emotional problems and cannot be adequately cared for by their families.

Service Content

      • Counseling Service
      • Counseling Groups
      • Personal Competence Enhancing Group
      • Special Talent Development Scheme
      • Volunteers Development Scheme
      • Healthy Growth Series
      • House Activity
      • Developmental Groups and Programs
      • Community Predicating Programs
      • Parents Development and Parent-Child Relationship Enhancing Program

Contact Us

Address:2A Lee On Lane, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Telephone no. : 2711 0750 .
Fax no. : 2712 2665
Email address:info@sbcstc.org.hk

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