47 Cornwall Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon.

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Staff Morale, Welfare and Recreation Group


  1. Identify issues that are related to staffs’morale and welfare in the Society.
  2. Make recommendations to management to better the service conditions for staff with the belief that they will in turn improve the service quality to our clients.
  3. Organize recreational activities for staff of the Society.
  4. •20-21 MWR photo•  
    20210306 Baking Workshop  
    •20-19 MWR photo•  
    20191213 Yoga Class
    20200117 Annual Dinner_by Mr. Kong WH 20200117 Annual Dinner_by Mr. Yip KF
    •18-19 MWR photo•  
    2018-19 Social Worker Basketball 2018-19 Social Worker Soccer
    20190518 Baking Workshop_by Ms Yu MK 20190518 Baking Workshop_by Wong YK
    201810-11 Yoga Class 20181110 Pickleball
    20181124 Hiking: Jardine’s Lookout – Quarry Bay
    20190125 Annual Dinner_by Mr. Kong WH 20190125 Annual Dinner_by Mr. Yip KF
    more activities album